How does Slingshot work?

Slingshot shares the know-how, guidelines and saves time and energy to Marketplace organizers. It is an efficient fundraising tool. It facilitates the registration process, automates correspondence with participants and integrates payment.

For young entrepreneurs, Slingshot allows them to start their business step by step through virtual interactive play and a hands-on business experience. Participants earn their own money and learn business principles while having fun.

Who can be a marketplace organizer?

It can be a School or an Individual looking to provide an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to display their skills in a sales event and motivate them to turn their ideas into action.

How long does it take a school or an individual to setup a marketplace?

A Slingshot marketplace can be organized in one month; however we recommend two months to give young entrepreneurs time to let their creativity flow.

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How does Slingshot help setting up a marketplace?

Slingshot saves time and energy to organizers. It creates an integral educational experience by providing the school or individual host effective tools for:


Invitation for young entrepreneurs to apply

Category selection

Automated correspondence

Payment integration

Participant recognition certificates

What are the school or individual host’s responsibilities?

The School or Individual Host is in charge of setting day, time and place for the event. It will designate a Marketplace manager for coordination and actively overseeing the Marketplace on the day of the event.

How does Slingshot benefit young entrepreneurs?

Young entrepreneurs will engage in a virtual interactive play to start their business while navigating though basic business concepts. On the day of the Marketplace, participants will benefit from a real hands-on business experience, develop social skills and earn some money.

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